With every 1.0 version, we release the multitrack files for you to remix or play around. Listen to the recent creations on our remix page. Note: They will blow your mind. Download the separate audio tracks and have some fun!


    1. Mahler
    2. Download Remix Tracks [373 MB]
    3. She She
    4. Download Remix Tracks [393 MB]
    5. Berlin
    6. Download separate audio tracks [137 MB]
    7. Ableton Live 8 Project[101 MB]
    8. Koi
    9. Download Remix Tracks [155 MB]
    10. Houston
    11. Download Remix Tracks [116 MB]
    12. Github
    13. Circles
    14. Download Remix Tracks [185 MB]
    15. Kyoto
    16. Download Remix Tracks [155 MB]
    17. Reykjavik
    18. Download Remix Tracks [112 MB]
    19. Irm
    20. Download Remix Tracks [45 MB]

    If you just want to listen to some music or download a song, this is not quite what you are looking for. Check our our music page instead.

    All multitrack downloads include separate sound files (WAV, 16bit, 44kHz) of all instrument tracks used in the song. Unmastered. Some also come as Ableton Live or Reason Projects.


    All files are licenced under Creative Commons 3.0 attribution - as open and shareable as possible. The only thing to remember is to credit us as "Ueki (Nils Schäfer, Bernd Plontsch) - www.missueki.de" and send us your creation as well. Because we certainly want to listen and share it as well. Play fair. Easy.

    For questions and contributions mail to hello@missueki.de

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