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Using An Airport Shuttle Service – 5 Things You Must Know


If you are lone traveler, and fly from one city to another occasionally, you definitely know the importance of getting to the airport in time. Getting to the airport is only part of what one has to do in order to complete his journey. It is not the destination, it is just part of whole process. However, it becomes an important step when there are certain constraints.

A lot of people who travel don’t always hire a cab to get to the airport. They seek other cheaper and better alternatives. For some people airport shuttle services have provided a serious and cheaper alternative to hiring a taxi. For others, cabs are still better. Lets examine what are some of the things you must know when you decide to use an airport shuttle service instead of hiring a cab.

Cost – Airport Shuttle Is Cheaper
If you are a lone traveler, airport shuttle will definitely be cheaper than hiring a taxi. If however, you have other travelers with you, the cost benefit may evaporate. As a rule of thumb, taxi from heidelberg to frankfurt airport be cheaper if you have more than two travelers, but enough to fit in a taxi. For a group of two, either shuttle or taxi may be cheaper, depending on the city you are in and the fare different companies offer.

Fixed Pickup Locations
A shuttle by definition, picks up its passengers from fixed locations and operates periodically. It sometimes plays as an advantage, but it could be a serious a disadvantage for certain travelers.

For example if a shuttle service has a pick up point near your hotel, it may be manageable for you to get there in time and board the shuttle. But if you have considerable amount of luggage, that you must carry, this will become a serious disadvantage.

Also if the pick up location is not near where you are, this becomes a problem and chances are you will have to resort to some other methods to get to the airport.

Wait Time
As with fixed pickup and drop off locations, shuttle service has to have fixed timing. So you will need to get to the pickup point ahead of time and wait there. If the weather is too hot or cold, this becomes a real problem.

No Reservations
You can’t reserve a seat on a shuttle. This makes it uncertain whether you, or all of those accompanying you will be able to board the shuttle. Sometime when the shuttle arrives at your pick up location, it is already full in a way that it is not possible to pick all the passengers. That will be one great problem and could cause you to miss your flight if you are not well prepared.

Travel Time to Airport
Since a shuttle service has to go from one location another, it takes a lot more time than other mode of transportation.

Considering these points, an airport shuttle service may work out for some travelers, but it is not an ideal way and does not fit the need of many.

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